Not everyone needs a significant ophthalmology remedy such as Lasik eye surgery for correcting their vision. Traditional resources such as contact lenses or glasses work just fine for mild or occasional vision correction needs. However, when it’s time to deal with a more serious vision degradation condition or advanced aging reactions, Lasik can potentially be a big game-changer in vision and a patient’s daily life.

The Ideal Candidate

The best candidate for an ophthalmology Lasik eye surgery involves a patient who:

  • Has been consistently using a vision correction tool for at least two years without interruption. This means that whether it be glasses or contact lenses, the assistance is always relied in just about every type of vision need in daily life.
  • The patient also needs to have the right corneal structure. The cornea represents the clear portion of the eye physically. This area is where the surgeon will cut a flap from to source and use to remedy vision. If the cornea is insufficiently thin, the surgery cannot be initiated as it could severely damage the eye instead.
  • A patient should already be dealing with a common refractive error or vision problem. These include astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, or a compound problem involving two or more of the above.
  • The patient should be healthy and not already suffering from any other disease or vision-related condition. Secondary health problems could affect the surgery or the ability for the patient to heal from the surgery once completed.
  • The candidate has been fully informed and understands all the procedures of the surgery as well as the extent of benefits. Lasik surgery is not a complete restoration of original vision. Patients should still plan to use glasses for heavy reading and close detail vision work, for example, so as not to strain their eyes post-surgery. Lasik provides a significant improvement in vision, but it should not be treated as a “miracle” cure.

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