Astigmatism is an eye condition that is caused by the eye not being perfectly round. Most people have a small degree of astigmatism and don’t notice it. Others have more severe cases and experience problems with their eyesight. Most people are born with their eyes this way, but it can happen in other ways as well. Certain eye diseases, injuries, and surgeries can cause this condition. About three million cases of astigmatism are diagnosed in the United States every year. To find out if you have this eye condition, or for treatment, visit our ophthalmology clinic to be tested by an ophthalmologist at Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates.

Eye Shapes and Astigmatism

The perfect eye would be one that’s completely round. This would allow light to enter into the eye and for the eye to bend it evenly to provide clear vision. However, most people have eyes that are shaped more like footballs. With this shape, when light is bent, it is bent in one direction more than in the other. This allows just one area of an object to be seen in focus. Objects that are far away often look both wavy and blurry. It is often seen in the same patients as farsightedness and nearsightedness. All three of these eye conditions are caused by errors in the way the eyes bend light.

Symptoms of Astigmatism

Often, patients think they are experiencing either nearsightedness or farsightedness because they are experiencing blurry vision. However, astigmatism can often distort the vision as well as blur it. You may see objects as somehow distorted in shape or wavy with this eye condition. If you get a lot of headaches, suffer from eye strain, or have a problem being able to see at night, you may have astigmatism.

Testing for Astigmatism

Your ophthalmologist can administer tests to assess you for this eye condition. If there are any changes to your vision, you may need an eye doctor appointment for an assessment.

  • Keratometer: The keratometer is an ophthalmologist’s tool that uses light to measure the cornea’s exact curvature.
  • Phoropter: A phoropter is an instrument that allows you to look through different lenses to see which helps your vision the most.
  • Autorefractor: An autorefractor is a tool that sends light to your eyes and then measures any changes in it when the light bounces back.

Visit Your Ophthalmologist

Astigmatism can begin slowly, changing your vision so slowly that you barely notice a difference at first. If you live in or around Memphis, and you would like to be tested for this and other eye conditions, schedule an appointment with Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates. Call our ophthalmology clinic today at (901) 767-3937.