If you have cataracts, it can greatly affect your vision. The patient’s vision will start to get more hazy, faded, and blurry over time. This condition is so common that of patients over 80, more than half have cataracts or have had surgery to correct them. To find out whether you have a cataract, get your eye exam appointment every year. Call Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates in Memphis to schedule your next eye exam.

Cataract Symptoms

There are a lot of signs that could indicate that you have a cataract. This condition can greatly damage your vision and you will start to notice more symptoms over time. If you find that your vision is getting worse, it’s time to see an optometrist. If your vision starts to get blurry or cloudy, this may mean that you have had a cataract or cataracts for some time. It will also cause problems with your night vision as well as make you more sensitive to lights.

If your lights start to become too bright, this is often a sign that cataracts are present. When you see lights, you might also start to see halos around them. You may also have double vision. If you need a stronger vision prescription every year, this can be another sign that you need a cataract test.

Who Gets Cataracts?

As you get older, you have more of a risk of developing cataracts. Many seniors have to manage their cataracts for a while until the condition is ready to be operated on. If you drink lots of alcohol and smoke, this can also mean a higher risk. Certain health conditions also make it more likely, such as diabetes.

If you’ve had radiation treatment on your upper body, have suffered from an eye injury, or had eye surgery in the past, you are also more likely to develop the condition. If you get a lot of sun without eye protection, this also increases your risk, as does having a history of them in the family.

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