Even if you normally don’t get dry eye, it is more likely that you will get it during the winter. The air in winter is drier than during any other season, and it can come with a cold wind. If you experience dry eye in the winter, call our optometry office in Memphis to make an appointment with one of our optometrists.

Painful Eyes

During the winter, cold temperatures cause moisture to quickly dissipate from the air. This can make your eyes itch or have a burning sensation. Your eyes may turn red or have mucus expelled from them in long strings. If you are experiencing these symptoms, there is a good chance you have a dry eye. Our optometry professionals in Memphis have several methods of alleviating dry eye.


Healing dry eye is all about getting more moisture to your eyes. One popular way to do this is to set up a humidifier in the room where you spend most of your time. This adds moisture to the air so that the moisture in your eyes does not dissipate so quickly. You can also hold a wet washcloth up to your eye to add a little moisture. This will also soothe the itching and pain that you may be experiencing. Another way to relieve dry eye is to use artificial tears. These are over-the-counter eye drops that will add moisture directly to your eyes several times a day to soothe and protect them.

Dry Eye Treatment in Memphis

At MECA Eye & Laser Center, we have years of experience helping patients in Memphis deal with dry eye. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (901) 767-3937.

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