If you’ve recently felt that your eyes have become irritated, there’s a chance that you may have developed a condition known as dry eyes. This is a condition that must be addressed promptly. If you live in or around the Memphis, TN, area, choose Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates for help.

Admittedly, having dried out eyes does not sound like a very serious condition. Because of that, you may not be compelled to act right away. Allow us to tell you more about the aforementioned condition and provide some reasons why you should go to an eye clinic as soon as you begin experiencing dry eye symptoms.

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The Complications

Dry eyes on their own can be annoying, but they may not necessarily seem all that troubling. Symptoms associated with this condition include eye redness, eye sensitivity, a stringy mucus forming in your eyes, and blurred vision. You may also find it harder to wear contact lenses if your eyes are dry.

Again, those symptoms seem uncomfortable, but you can probably live with them. They are not the reasons why you should be wary of this condition. The real problem is that dried out eyes can cause some severe complications.

If your eyes remain in that condition for long, they can sustain corneal damage. Severe corneal issues can distort your vision and even bring about blindness. Even if this condition does not blind you, it can still cause an infection. You may also have difficulty trying to focus your vision because of it.

The Causes

There are two main explanations for why your eyes are constantly drying out. The first is because you are not producing enough tears. As you age, tear production can slow down. It’s also possible that your tear glands have become inflamed, which explains why they are not functioning properly. Decreased tear production is also a side effect of taking certain medications and certain diseases.

Your eyes may also be dry because your tears are evaporating too quickly. Environmental factors such as dry air or smoke can cause your tears to evaporate too soon. Issues related to your eyelids may also contribute to the faster evaporation of your tears.

How an Eye Doctor Can Help with This Condition

Consider going to an eye doctor as soon as you begin to experience the symptoms related to dry eyes. An eye doctor can treat your condition in several different ways. Forms of treatment for this condition include utilizing artificial tear solutions, prescribing eye drops, ointments, or eyelid cleaners. Surgery may also be performed to close the tear ducts and that will help keep the eyes lubricated longer.

If you live in Memphis, TN, or the surrounding area, and you’re suffering from dry eyes, call Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates today at (901) 767-3937 to schedule an appointment. We will provide a though examination and a proper diagnosis to develop a treatment plan that works best for you.