A common problem that affects individuals over the age of 60 is cataracts. Cataracts are responsible for clouding or blurring vision. They result from proteins clumping together within the eye lens, and they can appear subtly. Here at our ophthalmology clinic in Memphis, we spreading awareness about the signs of cataracts. Knowing the signs of them can help you seek treatment right away so that this condition does not affect any more of your vision.

Early Signs That You May Be Developing Cataracts

  1. Cloudy Vision and Inability to See Colors: This symptom, at first, may seem minor, but it can become worse over time, distorting more of your vision. Along with cloudy vision, you may have a hard time differentiating colors.
  2. Difficulty Seeing at Night: Cataracts can dim or darken your vision. While this symptom may not be present during the day, it will be immediately prominent when it is dark outside.
  3. Sensitivity and Discomfort with Bright Lights: Someone with emerging cataracts will become increasingly light sensitive. This issue can be a serious problem when driving at night and facing oncoming traffic headlights.
  4. Halo Vision: The appearance of ringlets of lights or halos around bright sources of light, particularly at night, is an imminent sign of cataracts.
  5. Frequent Prescription Changes: Eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions usually only need to be updated every two years or so. An increased frequency in prescription, like every six months, is a warning sign of cataracts.
  6. Double Vision in One Eye: Double vision causes multiple images to show up in one eye. This problem may go away when your cataracts grow bigger.

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