The risk of eye disease increases with age. Eye diseases can’t always be prevented, but an ophthalmologist can diagnose and treat your condition. At Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates in Memphis, we offer many optometry services, including screening and caring for common eye diseases.

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What Are Common Eye Diseases?

Eye diseases are a leading cause of vision loss, which is why it’s important to be aware of the most common diseases of the eye. These diseases include:

  • Glaucoma: When there’s too much fluid pressure in the eye, it can damage the optic nerve. This can lead to permanent vision loss without treatment.
  • Cataracts: Proteins in the eye can break down as you age, causing the lens of the eye to become clouded. This condition is often treated with cataract surgery.
  • Age-related macular degeneration: Your macula, which is part of your retina, can deteriorate as you age. This can leave you with pigment deposits or new blood vessels beneath your retina, interfering with your vision.
  • Diabetic retinopathy: This diabetes complication can damage the blood vessels in your retina, causing excess fluid to leak into the rest of the eye. It can leave you with dark spots that block your vision and may eventually lead to permanent vision loss.

Managing Eye Disease

Early detection is key to managing eye disease. Most eye diseases don’t have noticeable symptoms in the early stages. If you have regular eye exams, your optometrist can screen for common eye diseases. When a disease is caught early, you can focus on preventing future vision loss and managing your current symptoms.

Treatments can vary based on the type of eye disease you have. In some cases, lifestyle changes, such as wearing eyeglasses with an anti-glare coating or making changes to your diet, can improve your symptoms. Your ophthalmologist may also recommend other treatments if your condition has started to progress, such as cataract surgery or laser therapy.

Even if your eye disease has led to vision loss, you will discover a wide range of treatments that can help you function. Low-vision devices can be very helpful for people with macular degeneration, as can vision rehabilitation. Some eye diseases can’t be cured, but working with eye care specialists can reduce the impact that your condition has on your day-to-day life.

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