This condition is one of the most common causes of blindness in the world, especially in the elderly population. This condition is also a leading cause of vision loss overall in the United States. Usually, it sneaks up on people and can lead to serious vision problems if not treated immediately and properly. Due to the strong connection between this eye disease and getting older, it’s normal for an older adult to have weaker eyesight in general.

However, an ophthalmologist on our team at Memphis Eye and Cataract Associates in Memphis, TN, can detect this eye disease early enough as it creeps in. He can develop a treatment plan that will slow down the progression of the disease, thus preventing permanent vision loss.

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What Is It?

It is an eye disease that results from the buildup of excess fluid in the eye that puts pressure on the optic nerve and can cause permanent loss of peripheral vision and, in some cases, central vision as well. It isn’t curable but medical advancements have seen to it that people who have the condition can live relatively healthy lives, especially with early detection and proper treatment.

It is important if you are at risk to understand the signs of this disease and know when to see an eye doctor for treatment so your vision doesn’t have to be forever impaired.


Narrow or closed angle occurs when the mechanism of draining the eye fluid cannot keep up with the production.

Open-angle is often asymptomatic until the condition has become quite advanced.

What Are the Symptoms?

At first, only people without a lot of vision problems may not notice anything, but in time it starts to affect their everyday life more and more.

  • Loss of side vision
  • Eye pain
  • Headache

There are other eye conditions that can look like this disease, such as cataracts and even eye trauma, so it is important to get checked out by an eye doctor or an eye surgeon.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When an eye specialist does a proper examination, he or she will check to see if someone has any prescription errors in their eyeglasses or contact lenses, see if the patient has high pressure inside their eyes and if the angle between the cornea and the iris is correct. If the angle is wrong, pressure will increase and damage the optic nerve, which can lead to permanent damage over time and eventually loss of sight in one or both eyes. In some severe cases, you may undergo eye surgery to salvage your vision. Eye surgery is one of several available glaucoma treatments.

While there’s no definite cure, an eye surgeon on our team at Memphis Eye and Cataract Associates can provide a personalized condition management plan to avert possible vision loss depending on the severity of the condition.

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