Intacs are medical devices used by an ophthalmologist to correct eye ailments. Intacs are specific brands of clear plastic arcs that are designed to be inserted into the eye. These clear plastic arcs an FDA-approved treatment for certain eye diseases and ailments that require a surgical procedure to install. Intacs can be used in place of a corneal transplant as well. If you live in or around the Memphis area and believe you would benefit from Intacs, contact the staff at Meca Eye & Lazer to schedule a consultation today.

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What Are Intacs Used for?

It is important to understand what eye ailments Intacs are typically used for treating. Intacs can also be used as an alternative for corneal transplants. However, they are typically used for keratoconus eye conditions.

Keratoconus Treatment

keratoconus is an eye condition the affects the cornea of the eye. The cornea of the eye works as a lens of sorts. Maintaining the shape of the eye lens is vital for maintaining optimal vision. In an eye with keratoconus, it is common for the eye shape of the cornea to be abnormal, negatively affecting your vision.  Keratoconus afflicted corneas usually bulge either out or down. This can cause the cornea fibers to become weakened. This will also lead to the deterioration of your vision and eye health. Keratoconus typically occurs due to an imbalance of enzymes in the cornea, which commonly occurs in seniors.

If a degenerative disease causes keratoconus, more procedures will need to occur before using Intacs to correct your eyes.  If your keratoconus is caused due to a degenerative disease, our ophthalmologists may recommend cross-linking. Cross-linking is a procedure meant to strengthen corneal fibers. Corneal cross-linking is a procedure that helps to strengthen the fibers of the cornea. This procedure will significantly reduce the deterioration of the cornea and prevent it from getting worse. Cross-linking can strengthen your cornea fibers and get keratoconus afflicted eyes ready for the following corrective procedure.

How Intacs Are Used for Keratoconus Corrective Eye Surgery

Keratoconus causes your eyes to become misshapen, which can lead to other eye issues. A cornea that is shaped correctly will have fewer issues and deteriorate at a slower rate than a cornea that is not shaped correctly. Intacs are plastic devices that shape abnormal corneas. During this producer, our eye surgeon will carefully use Intacs to flatten your misshapen corneas closer to their original dome shape.

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