Considering laser eye surgery? Look no further than Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates. We specialize as an eye and laser center and provide corrective services to help with a wide variety of vision conditions. At MECA Eye, our ophthalmologist is dedicated to providing only the best services, so that we can help you restore your vision and eye health. Patients come to us from across the United States as well as over 20 countries to receive the finest and most innovative care for vision needs.

We offer many laser correction procedures with different goals, each aimed at correcting a specific vision condition:

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Cataract Surgery and Premium Lenses
  • Corneal Transplants
  • Refractive Procedures
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Ocular Surface Reconstruction

LASIK is the most well-known procedure for vision correction. It is an incredible procedure that corrects for both farsightedness and nearsightedness, as well as astigmatism. Hundreds of thousands of people choose LASIK every year, and at Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates, we are here to help you decide if LASIK eye surgery is right for you.

At its basis, LASIK physically reshapes the cornea to help the eye focus more sharply. An ophthalmologist will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you are a candidate, then an eye surgeon will perform the operation. About 85 percent of patients have vision close to 20/20 after the surgery, and many of the remaining 15 percent still no longer need to wear glasses or contacts.

Recovery from LASIK usually takes only a few hours–a normal routine can generally be resumed after just one day. Benefits will be seen immediately after the procedure. Follow-up appointments with your optometrist will be necessary, beginning the day following your operation, with regular check-ups for the next six months. Some health conditions like diabetes can affect whether you are a good candidate or not.

LASIK surgery is knowing not just to improve long-term vision, but also to improve quality of life. It helps with regular, night, peripheral vision, and it eliminates the need to wear clumsy glasses while playing sports or continually invest in contact lenses. LASIK can even help to alleviate allergies and other sinus problems.

At Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates, we are committed to a tradition of excellence–great medical care depends not only on the technologies involved but also on well-trained, patient-centered, dedicated staff. Call us today to begin discussing whether laser vision correction is right for you.

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