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Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates in Memphis, TN, offers a wide range of treatments, from cataract surgery to LASIK. In addition, we can provide a complete selection of eye and vision treatments because we have ophthalmologists and optometrists on our team. See below for more info on our practice’s services and procedures.

    Retinal Surgery

    We offer retinal surgery for conditions from macular degeneration to retinal separation. Retina surgery is also known as vitreoretinal surgery. Our doctors use cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to perform these surgeries.

    Corneal Transplant & Ocular Surface Reconstruction

    You may need a corneal transplant if your cornea has been severely damaged. Our doctors have extensive experience successfully performing corneal transplants. We can even perform a full ocular surface reconstruction if your eye has sustained widespread damage.

    Refractive Procedures

    We can perform numerous refractive procedures, such as lens removal and replacement. In addition, we use the highest quality artificial lenses to ensure the best results.


    Our doctors have performed LASIK on many patients. LASIK uses a laser to reshape the cornea. It can effectively treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism.

    Glaucoma Treatment

    Glaucoma is a condition characterized by an increase in pressure within the eye. If untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. We offer both laser treatments and traditional surgeries for people with glaucoma.

    Treatment for Diabetic Eye Conditions

    Diabetes can cause multiple severe eye conditions. Two of the most common include maculopathy and retinopathy. As with glaucoma, we offer laser surgery and traditional surgery options for diabetic eye conditions.

    Cataract Surgery

    Cataracts are a common condition that can lead to blindness if not treated early enough. The only way to cure cataracts is by removing the affected lens and replacing it with an artificial lens. Our doctors completed many cataract surgeries successfully.

    Emergency Eye Care

    We offer emergency eye care for patients with several injuries. The emergency conditions we treat include trauma to the eye, chemical burns, foreign objects lodged in the eye, and more.

    Eye Exams

    It is essential to get regular eye exams. These exams can help you catch vision and eye problems before they become serious. In addition, we can perform a thorough eye exam to detect any issues you may have.

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    If you need one of the services we offer at Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates in Memphis, TN, contact us to make an appointment. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from optometry to surgical procedures performed by an ophthalmologist. Our associates can help you determine whether you need to see an optometry doctor or an ophthalmologist. Contact us at (901) 767-3937 to make an appointment for eye and vision care.