You may look at the computer screen all day as part of your job. Your line of work is enjoyable, though you are beginning to notice a change in your vision. You may be one of many experiencing computer vision syndromes. At Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates, we have years of experience identifying and addressing computer vision syndrome.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is a condition in which the eyes begin to strain due to constant focus on a computer screen or phone. Many jobs require us to spend a large portion of the day interfacing with technology, whether it be sitting behind a computer or working on a tablet or smartphone.

Computer vision syndrome may seem insignificant at first. However, computer vision syndrome can lead to a variety of detrimental conditions if left unaddressed. Computer vision can easily lead to other complications related to sight, which can ultimately deteriorate your vision over time. It is best to seek vision treatment as soon as you begin experiencing digital eye strain.

When to Seek Computer Vision Treatment

The best indicator that your computer vision syndrome has progressed to the degree of needing professional help is blurred vision. You should be able to see images both near and far without having to strain to view them. You may also need help from our optometrist if you start noticing black spots in your vision. Also known as drifters, these may indicate a serious condition that requires professional care.

Other Computer Vision Symptoms

Some individuals do not experience blurred vision or drifters during the beginning stages of computer vision syndrome. Dry eyes may also be an indication of the condition. Those who spend a lot of time with computers and other forms of technology may not blink as often, which impedes the eye’s ability to create tears and maintain its moisture.

You may also experience fatigue due to computer vision syndrome. The tiredness may be the result of straining to read documents and make out objects.

Computer Vision Treatment in Memphis

If you suspect you are suffering from computer vision syndrome, Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates is ready to assist you. Our optometrist will evaluate your eye health to determine whether or not you are suffering from computer vision and provide treatment accordingly. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrist, call us at (901) 767-3937.

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