If you are experiencing signs of sight loss, it is important to obtain treatment to see properly. Sometimes treatment will also stop the progression of sight loss. Contact Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates in Memphis. Read on to learn the signs of sight loss, how to protect your eyes from this condition, and what our Ophthalmology team can do to help if you are experiencing it.

Signs Of Sight Loss

There are several instances that indicate you may be losing your sight. If you have any of the following problems, make an appointment with our ophthalmologist immediately:

  • Sudden “floaters” or spots in your field of vision
  • A dark spot noticed within your field of vision
  • Sudden pain in the eye accompanied by redness, nausea, or vomiting
  • Blurry vision, nighttime halos around light sources, or ghost images
  • Narrowed field of view
  • Red, irritated eyes with a scratchy sensation

How To Protect Your Eyes

There are a few steps you can take to protect your eyes from sight loss difficulties. The best course of action is to see our eye doctor on a yearly basis. This way if any problems with your vision or eye health are noticed, we can recommend appropriate treatment at that time. Failing to see the eye doctor routinely could allow for the escalation of symptoms between appointments.

What Our Ophthalmology Team Will Do

Since there are so many factors that could cause sight loss, it is imperative that you have extensive testing of your vision and eye health during an ophthalmology appointment. Our practitioner will conduct these tests in the comfort of our office. Treatment options then will be discussed with you to help you see without difficulty. This often requires the use of eyeglasses or possibly, medication. Subsequent visits will ensure the treatment is appropriate in stopping the escalation of sight loss.

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