Dry eye is an annoying eye condition that can make your eyes feel irritated. You may not think it is very serious but there is more to it than just not having enough tears to keep your eyes moist. Leaving dry eyes untreated can result in more serious conditions developing. At Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates, our optometrists take every condition affecting our patients seriously, including dry eye. We will address your symptoms and give you the relief you need. Let’s look at some of the common causes of this condition.


As if there weren’t enough things to worry about as you age. Unfortunately, dry eye is a common condition in those older than 50. If you are female, it is even more likely you will be affected by dry eye. Studies have shown that the likelihood of having dry eye raises significantly every five years after 50 and can have a profound effect on the ability to perform daily activities like driving and reading.

Prolonged Screen Use

If you are staring at a screen for hours on end, either at work or as a leisure activity, you have a much greater chance of suffering from dry eye. Get up frequently and be sure to blink your eyes often to make them moist.


Many medications can cause dry eyes. Talk to your doctor about alternative medications and if you can’t switch then speak to our doctors of optometry about getting treatment.


If you live or work in a dry environment consider adding a humidifier to put moisture back into the air. Running these devices in the home can help reduce your dry eye symptoms.

Contact Lenses

Contact lens use can cause dry eyes. You may need to take a break and wear eyeglasses for a bit to give your eyes a rest.

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