MECA Eye and Laser Center offer state-of-the-art eye procedures for patients looking for long-lasting vision solutions. If corneal transplants have been recommended for you, you can find answers to your questions here. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting innovation for patients in Memphis, TN, and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Corneal Transplant?

This is a surgical vision procedure also called keratoplasty. During this procedure, corneal tissue from a donor is used to replace or exchange corneal tissue for a patient. This surgery is sometimes done with traditional methods or with laser assistance.

Who Benefits from This Procedure?

A corneal transplant is intended for patients who have sustained a substantial injury to their eyes which may endanger their vision long-term. If the eyes have been injured in a serious way, the cornea will continue to develop scar tissue which will cause clouding and will eventually reduce vision.

How Long Does This Take?

A corneal transplant can usually be completed in 2 hours. There is a recovery period, however, in which you may experience redness, sensitivity to light, irritation, and redness. You may be required to wear an eye shield for a few days following the transplant. In most cases, prescription eye drops will also be given to protect your eyes from infection.

Does This Work?

Corneal transplants are very effective and have a high success rate. This procedure has helped many people save their vision following chemical burns or other types of eye injuries.

To learn more about this innovative treatment option, or if you are in need of any of our other eye care or optometry services, contact us at MECA Eye and Laser Clinic, serving Memphis, TN, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule you an appointment. 910-767-3937

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