Did you know that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States choose Lasik eye surgery each year to correct astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness? The procedure will improve your vision, and you likely won’t need glasses for many years. Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates can help you decide if Lasik eye surgery is right for you.

What is Lasik eye surgery and why have it?

Lasik eye surgery re-shapes the cornea with a laser that helps the eye focus more sharply.

An ophthalmologist can determine if you are a candidate for Lasik eye surgery by dilating your eyes and examining the overall health of your eyes. Your eye doctor will also evaluate your overall health because some people with diabetes or other health conditions are not candidates for Lasik eye surgery.

The out-patient surgery is usually quick, and patients see benefits immediately. You will need someone to drive you home from the surgery, but vision is dramatically improved usually the morning after Lasik surgery. About 85 percent of patients even have 20/20 vision after the procedure. Even if a patient doesn’t have perfect vision, most people who have had Lasik surgery no longer need glasses or contacts. That means savings hundreds of dollars yearly in eyecare, glasses and contacts costs.

Stitches or bandages are not required in most Lasik eye surgery cases. After 24 hours, a patient can resume a normal routine. Your eye doctor will want to have several follow-up appointments with you to see how you are recovering from the surgery and to see if your vision is improving.

Other benefits of Lasik eye surgery include:

* Improved night and peripheral vision

* Alleviated allergies and sinus problems

* Enhanced self-confidence

Many people like waking up and seeing their world in focus without having to reach for a pair of glasses on the nightstand. Lasik surgery also gives people who play sports a new freedom because they no longer need to wear goggles, glasses, or contacts while playing their favorite sport.  Another bonus? Costly prescription sunglasses are also no longer needed.

Ultimately, Lasik eye surgery improves your overall quality of life with long-term better vision.

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