Eye exams are more important than you may realize. Many people neglect their eye health, failing to come in for regular checkups as needed. Even if you do not wear glasses or notice changes in your vision, eye exams are crucial. Our eye doctors at Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates in Memphis provide eye exams and eye care services. Let’s look at some of the questions that we run into regarding eye exams.

What Will Our Eye Doctor Look For?

An eye exam allows the eye doctor to examine the outer and inner layers of the eye. Not only will we look for visible signs of eye diseases, like itching and blurry vision, but we will also look at non-visible concerns, including the pressure of the fluid inside your eye.

Are Eye Exams Painful?

Eye exams do not hurt. While some people find the test of eye pressure somewhat uncomfortable, the process is not painful and can provide the eye doctor with helpful information.

Why Are My Eyes Dilated?

Eye doctors recommend dilating the eyes as part of a typical eye exam. When your eyes are dilated, we can see the structures behind the retina. This allows for a better view of your eye health.

Will I Be Able to Drive After an Eye Exam?

While you may be able to drive yourself to and from the eye appointment, it is often a good idea to have somebody available to drive you home after eye dilation. Dilation makes your eyes more sensitive to light, which can make things blurry while on the road.

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Our eye doctors at Memphis Eye & Cataract Associates provide a wide variety of eye care services, including eye exams. If you are new to the Memphis area or it has been a while since your last eye exam, it is a great time to book an appointment with one of our eye doctors. Call our team today at (901) 767-3937 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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